R2-39 involved 2500 farmers - changed their mentality regarding natural habitats protection

The Project Conservation of Conservation of habitats of special importance use, through methods that promote their sustainable development held its final event, on 30 June, pinpointing the successful accomplishment of all the project objectives. The final event was conceptualized as a seminar where the project staff and all the actors involved were engaged in fruitful discussions. Representatives of Lezha Municipality, ALCDF and CNVP were also present in the event.

Agropuka Association staff and members of Puka municipality on a Study Visit in Kosovo

Puka- Agropuka association staff organized, on 8 June, a study tour in Kosovo to exchange experience with their Kosovar counterparts with issues related to biodiversity protection and to find ways to collaborate in aromatic plants and berry collection. Representatives of Puka municipality joined the study tour. The group met with representatives of IKC organization in Ferizaj with whom they discussed on issues related to forest protection and maintenance. They agreed to held periodic meetings with rural development specialists of Kacanik municipality. The visit was part of Eco Nord Project Activities.

Activities in Puke to commemorate World Environment Day

Puke- Agro Puka organization held, on 5 June, an informative session with pupils of Qelez high school on issues related to biodiversity protection. The event was organized to commemorate World Environment Day in the frame of Eco Nord Project activities. The pupils also got the opportunity to learn new insights of medicinal plants therapeutic value in their region.

Eco Nord Forum members conducted a study tour in Macedonia

Eco Nord Forum members composed by 27 civil society organizations of North Albania conducted a study tour in Macedonia from 26-27 May with the aim to gain in-depth insights into current functioning and networking of their Macedonian counterparts.  The visit was conceptualized in two parts. The first day the Eco-Nord Forum members met with Goce Toleski, head of Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) office in  Struga who made an overview on JTS role and the support EU is giving regarding cross-border programmes.  

European Day of Parks Activities in four regions

May 24, 2017- Shkoder city celebrated the European Day of Parks with open activities organized by ECO NORD Forum organizations of Shkoder Region (NRD, GO2, Green Center, Creative City, Albanian Skadar Lake Forum) in the beautiful surroundings of Buna River. The activity was attended by many citizens, including students of Shkodra University, environmental NGOs as well as Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) representatives...

Activities with pupils on the International Day for Biological Diversity

Velipoje (Shkoder)- Staff members of Leveraging the Capacities of CSOs in the North of Albania for betterment of biodiversity and environment protection” project organized a range of activities with pupils of "Gjergj Vatë Martini" middle school in Velipojës to sensitize them on the paramount importance of biodiversity protection. This event was organized to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity. The staff members explained to the participants basic concepts and importance of biodiversity. Environmental education games were also held to identify loss of biodiversity because of human activity and also ways to protect it...

ECO NORD Project participated at EU Fair

ECO NORD project participated in the European Union Fair organized, on 10 May, at European Union Information Centre in Tirana. The event gathered youth, students, Civil Society representatives and citizens interested in how and where EU is devoting its resources in Albania. Divided in 4 main panels, participants discussed key undertaken initiatives related to the fields of Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights; Environment; Consumer Protection and Economic Development... ...

ECO- Nord Forum Purpose, Objectives and Mission

ECO Nord – Forum is autonomus umbrella body of 27 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that operate and are based in North Albania with the main focus on environmental and biodiversity issues. The ECO-Nord is a joint effort of the project "Leveraging the capacities of CSO-s in the North Albania ", the so called Eco Nord Project, financed from European Union Delegation in Albania and, the abovementioned CSOs. The agreement between the CSOs and the project was signed on October 10, 2016...

Innovative ecological panels installed in Ismail Qemali secondary school to improve air quality

SHKODER, 17 October- The project “Promoting the improvement of indoor air quality in schools for a better health of our children” organized its closing ceremony which culminated with the installment of 50 ecological panels in “Ismail Qemali” secondary school. The event was organized by Creative City staff members and all the actors involved. The pupils performed songs, theatrical sketches emphasizing the paramount importance to protect the environment. Paintings were also displayed. The director of the Educational Directory of Shkodra district, Kadri Ymeri stressed that this pilot project will remarkably improve the quality of air in school ambiance...

About EcoNord

This project "Leveraging the capacities of CSO-s in the North of Albania”, the so called “EcoNord” project, is financed from European Union Delegation in Albania. This project is funder under Civil Society Facility – Civic Initiative and Capacity Building component (part of IPA 2013). ALCDF is the organization that is implementing the EcoNord project in Albania

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